I have the hemp oil lotion and it's absolutely amazing. It has a
wonderful scent and softens my skin so well. I love knowing that
high quality natural ingredients are being used....

Adrienne Morse
My daughter gave me lotions and soaps as a gift.I really like how
the soap doesn't dry the skin. I now know what I'm getting my
sisters for their birthdays. Thank you for having such lovely products.

Gail Atkins


"I purchased the body cream for my dry skin. The first thing that gets you is the light fragrance and then the smooth texture of the cream. After using it a couple of days i could see the change in my skin. It worked so well my daughter's came to visit and began using also. Keep up the good work"

Iris Booker


"Love the lotion because of the bright citrus scent it has and because it goes on smooth and does not leave a greasy feel behind. It also moisturizes really well."



"We love our blanket that was made for my daughter. It’s cozy, PINK, and soft! You can tell it was made with love. Thank you again for such a beautiful blanket."

Reid, Jennifer L

 Absolutely love her soaps 😩 they are heaven and smell amazing. And her face scrub is the bomb 💣

Selena Coleman